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[Announcement] V Knights’ Tournament for the hand of lady Ružica, Orahovica 2012


The Knights of Ružica-grad are on the 3 – 5 August 2012, for the fifth time in a row, hosts of the Knights’ tournament of lady Ružica. The Guardians, together with other troupes – The Knights of the Golden Chalice, The Archers of Dubovac, The Knights of Zelingrad, Tostabur Espadrones, Aureus Unicornis… will also take place at this event which traditionally takes place on the first weekend of August.
Program of the Knights’ Tournament
Friday, August 3
9 PM – Knights’ feast 
Saturday, August 4, Town park 
4 PM – The opening of knights’ camps 
4:30 PM – Medieval fair 
5 PM – Archery tournament for the golden arrow of Ružica grad 
8 PM – Formal procession of knights’ troupes 
8:30 PM – Trilja IV – jester and juggler 
9 PM – Bohurt tournament
10 PM – Night battle for Ružica grad 
11 PM –Aureus Unicornis fire show
11:30 PM – Codex – gothic band 
Sunday, August 5, Town park and Ružica grad 
3 PM – The opening of knights’ camps
3:30 PM – The departure for Ružica grad
4 PM – The legend of Ružica (Ružica grad) 
5:30 PM – The return to the camp
5:30 PM – Children’s knights’ tournament 
6:30 PM – Sword fighting school and demonstration of the historical sword fighting by Tostabur Espadrones 
7 PM – Knights’ tournament for the hand of lady Ružica 
8 PM – Trilja IV – jester and juggler
9 PM – Codex – gothic band 
Official video announcement can be seen here: